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 Reka Unichi

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PostSubject: Reka Unichi   Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:55 am

size=25]Out Of Character[/size]

First name/Nickname:Sage/Rude
Habbo name:Rudedog04

-In Character-

First Name:Reka
Mutation: He has extreme sight, able to see things up to a mile and a half away.
Family members:He was sepperated from his family when the government came and took them.
Hometown:Alba Missouri
Birth date:9-17-1986
Quote: "If you believe in your self, Nothing you do will seem impossible."

Sexuality: Male (Straight)
Likes: Killing government soldires, finding new ways to kill government soldires.
Dislikes: The government in a whole, seeing the soldires beat on the others for no reason.
Fears: Him self being captured and tested on.
Wants: To be free and to see every government official die a horrible slow death.
Personality: Nice toward other mutants, and full of hatred toward the government.
Allignment: Which ever is for the mutant cause.
Mental state: Not Crazy.
Disabilities: Dismantel Inphoma: Easy slipping of the spinal disks.

Height: 6'0
Weight: 145
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Mid long
Hair texture: Soft, smooth, sleek.
Body Shape: Well built, evenly distributed.
Head Shape: Normal.
Freckles: None
Scars: On his back where the government has beaten and whiped him, as well as two gun shot wounds on his chest.
Equipment: A small backpack carrying : Information book, pins, ace bandages, first aid kit, japanese martial arts book. A hidden arm blade, a unhidden sheathed 11" hunting knife, a tamahawk hatchet, and a small ipod implanted computer used for hacking into things.
Tattoos: He has the japanese symbols meaning: Life of the Warrior.
Other noticible features: His scars, and his deep dark red eyes.

Reka was a normal boy going to school hanging out with friends loveing life and his family. But when the first explosion happend he and his friend Jamison where only 50 ft from the core of the blast. After they woke up they felt normal and went on with life. Apon ageing he and Jamison began to "change" becomeing different from the normal humans. His and Jamison's mutations became localy known because of one of the neighbors that lived near by. The government soon found out, and they took both Jamisons and Rekas familys'. This is where they brought him and Jamison, though Jamison was taken away for experiments. Reka has sence dedicated his life to killing all of the government down to the last private in the military.


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Reka Unichi
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