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 Steve GoldSteel

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PostSubject: Steve GoldSteel   Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:56 pm

Out Of Character

First name/Nickname: Steve
Habbo name: :ArtemisFowl:

-In Character-

First Name: Steve
Surname: GoldSteel
Age: 37
Mutation: None
Family members: None
Hometown: Texas
Birth date: 13th May 2173
Zodiac: Taurus
Quote: "Considering I'm here, there must be something astronomically wrong for me to solve.."
Other details: (See Disability)

Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Intelligence, Engineering, Science, Commerce.
Dislikes: Second questioning, Sports, Counter-Arrogence.
Fears: Ghosts, Failure, Spiders.
Wants: Money and Renown.
Personality: Completely jolly and oblivious to the situations at hand.
Allignment: Chaotic Evil
Mental state: Unstable (Sociopathic, Narcissism, Short Term Memory Loss)
Disabilities/Diseases: Weak Lungs, No left arm, Missing most of the chest, Weak Heart.

Height: 5ft 9inch
Weight: 10 Stone
Eye Color: Turquoise
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Long
Hair texture: Scruffy, Dry
Body Shape: Skinny
Head Shape: Long, Defined
Freckles: No
Scars: Large amounts of scarring on the left shoulder
Equipment: Various Tools, Lockpicks, Toolkits, Junk items, Etc
Tattoos/Piercings: None
Other noticible features: Prosthetic Left Arm.


Steve has had radiation poisoning in the past. This has lead to him having many operations to remove heart valves and one of his lungs, as well as his arm. This lead to him having a replacement robotic arm, as well as chestplate, Filter-Diffusion artificial lung and Support Heart.

Robotic Arm
Made out of: Titanium alloy. 96% Titanium, 2% Osmium, 2% Iridium.
Power Supply: Uranium Oxide Catalyst Battery.
Drive Method: Hex-Hydraulic integration.

Use: Normal lungs and filter system for pollutants and toxic gasses.

Use: Supports the original heart by keeping the heartbeat at a regular rate.
Trigger mechanism: If the original heart stops due to death, a trigger mechanism causes the Uranium Oxide Battery to overcharge and explode, removing all traces of Steve and the killer. Vague explosion radius, 150Meters. Core Temperature 8000*C. Radiation levels, Heavy Neutron, Alpha, And Gamma.


Steve Goldsteel born in Dublin, Ireland comes from a small family of three. His father was a miner and would spend many days and nights away from home mining for coal and various other ores in a large scale mining operation. When his father came home Steve would be presented with the ores that his father was able to smuggle out of the mining site. His mother, the ever obedient housewife stayed at home with Steve, afraid of leaving the house she would while away her hours caring for the house, washing and ironing clothes and generally looking after the house and Steve.

As Steve grew older he shown an interest in technology. Starting with the toys he'd been given as an infant, as the other kids were outside in the sun climbing trees, kicking footballs and soicialising, Steve would stay in his room dismantling his toys to see the inner workings and then re-assembling them in quick succession. He kept a collection of these objects along with all the ores his father has brought him. One of these rocks happened to contain a small trace of Caesium 137.

As he got older, this radio isotope was slowly building up in his body the more his was exposed to it. He didn't realise the effects, for now.

Eventually, after several years of overcrowding in schools, Steve was taken into home teaching by his parents. He insisted that he could do it himself. The years went by, and Steve read book upon book. He never took an exam through the entire time. Eventually, one of the exams officers in Ireland decided to test him. The test answers were not good, most of them were left blank and the back of the paper was covered in drawings. The officer stuck a label of failure on Steve and left without a second glance. Steve didn't care, or notice. He was happy where he was, doing what he enjoyed.

When he was 18, his parents had saved just enough money to put him through university. He picked electronics, it was his favourite. Within the first year he had read the entire course and was unofficially tutoring people who needed help. The teachers were not happy about this. They decided, once again, to test him. The same result came up as his childhood, the test answers left blank. Everyone voted to get rid of him, but one man did not. The lead of the course had raised questions about Steve previously. He wanted to find out the problem.

After a week, Steve was sat in an office with the leader of the course. The transcript is as follows: (In terms of the interviewer)

Leader: So, Steve, I've heard some bad things?
Steve: Uh.. Yeah.
Leader: ;; Subject seems to be distracted, distraction seems to be a lawnmower. ;;
Leader: Pay attention, please.
Steve: Sorry.. Just thinking.
Leader: About?
Steve: Why the lawnmower has a timing belt for the engine and not an electronic drive.
Leader: Hm. Explain?
Steve: It's.. Just more efficient, is all?
Leader: So.. Why couldn't you put that sort of thing on the test?
Steve: I hate tests. You can't standardise me.
Leader: I see. Well, can you show me?
Leader: ;; Subject seems to like what I just said. ;;

After this meeting, Steve was no longer examined by normal means. The university gave him independent projects to work on. This gave better results than the tests, leaving them with more work than they wanted from him. He went through every course they had, private investors started paying for him TO DO the research for them. He began racking up qualifications like no man had seen before.. Until one day.

On July 12th, he was kicked out of the university due to a vote of all the students and teachers. The reason was unknown, but he was refused further education after getting his Chemistry Degree.

On August 27th, He started up GoldSteel Industries in London. It only had one criteria for business. "You name it, I'll invent it"

December 1st, Steve had to go to hospital from Radiation poisoning due to the Caesium isotope. He had a major build up of the substance in his arm and chest, resulting in a transplant and several operations. He survived, but was left in pain for weeks.

December 25th, Christmas day.
Steve had received a package. He opened it carefully, it only contained two things. A note, and a small lump of ore.
"I found this for you" He read out loud. "Hope it helps, I know you'll come up with something. Love Mum + Dad"
Steve examined the ore carefully that morning, it contained small crystals of Natural Osmium. This was the inspiration that drove him to build his left arm. To this day, he still uses Osmium as a catalyst for the battery packs.

After the start of the explosions, he now spends his time salvaging parts for his survival and experiments.


Steve has various degrees, master degrees and diplomas in various sections of the scientific world, some of them being; Physics (Dr), Chemistry (2.1), Biology (2.2), Mathematics both theoretical and mechanical (2.1), Electrical engineering (Dr), Mechanical engineering(Dr), Chemical engineering (1.1) and nuclear engineering (Dr).

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Steve GoldSteel
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