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 Adrian Smith :]

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PostSubject: Adrian Smith :]   Thu Jul 15, 2010 4:19 am

Out Of Character

First name/Nickname: Sienna or Sie :]
Habbo name: Siethedark

-In Character-

First Name: Adrian
Surname: Smith
Age: 16
Mutation: Unkown [Actually I haven't come up with this yet...soo...whenever the time comes SHE WILL KNOW Very Happy]
Family members: Mother Lily, and Twin Sister
Hometown: Military Created
Birth date: Unknown
Zodiac: Unknown
Quote: "Greetings, the Earth says Hello"

Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Things that are out of the norm, animals ,her sister, her mother, her best friend and Jokes.
Dislikes: Everything aside from the above. :]
Fears: To let someone down again. Especially her sister.
Wants: For people to snap out of there obliviousness to see the world as she does. To be happy knowing the world is like it is.
Personality: Shes random spontaneous evil little devil, what more do you need to know from me? Want to know her personality, befriend her. Wooo-ee that will be fun. And as one of her theme song says shes "stupid sadistic and suicidal"
Alignment: Evil she does not care for the world around her and barely anyone in it does she like...
Mental state: ROFLMAO, thats a hard one. I would say shes pretty crazy. Some may not see it but the way she is and does things...its...not..normal...
Disabilities/Diseases: Shes pretty good at hiding her strangeness most of the time so unless your with her 24/7 it seems like she has none.

Height: 5''4
Weight: A healthy weight! Tsk! Never ask a lady that. But shes around 120, Idk.
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: To her lower back
Hair texture: Straight and wavy at times
Body Shape: Hourglass.
Head Shape: How the heck do I know? ITS LIKE A NORMAL HEAD!
Freckles: Noppers
Scars: A serial number on the back of her neck, not noticeable unless straightly looked at. [Im assuming since my twin has one I do to]
Equipment: A butter knife....yeah...
Tattoos/Piercings: Nope.
Other noticeable features: She normally has a sly grin on her face.

Usual Clothes:
Picture will be posted...Im working on drawing it people ._.


I was made with my twin sister in a military lab, we were made to be the perfect weapon..unfortunately it went wrong with me, I was not what they wanted I was not what they wanted me to look..not even close... I was the first one to be made...and the first and last failure to be made. Soon came after my twin sister made to be everything I was supposed to be and more. She was the first and last perfection to be made. Now I currently live....with my sister and mother....


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PostSubject: Re: Adrian Smith :]   Thu Jul 15, 2010 5:18 am

[] zomg lily loves! cant wait for the drawing x]







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PostSubject: Re: Adrian Smith :]   Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:35 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Adrian Smith :]   

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Adrian Smith :]
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